1964 Studebaker Daytona Convertible

A couple of pictures of my "new" 1964 Ragtop

It was a cold day on January 11, 2003. But, we left Ft Wayne Indiana at 4:00 am, we being myself, Lee and Debbie DeLaBarre, heading for New York. After driving Lee's "super dually" we arrived in Suffern New York about 3:00 pm. As I directed traffic around Lee while he was backing into the driveway, Debbie was inside with all the gal's. (doing what they do best)<G>

Lee, I and Glenn loaded up a 6 cylinder Stude engine that Glenn waas also getting rid of. After reattaching the trailer, we proceeded to load up the 64. A quick look around her, and she looked pretty solid, at least for a Studebaker that lived all it's life in New York! Yes, it needs fenders, quarters, rockers, but, the floors are pretty solid, and when I opened the drivers door, it did not fall down to the ground. I also stomped my foot on he drivers floor, and did not go through! Hummm! this may be more that a parts car as we were prepared to see! Has potential!

We finished loading up the 64 and tied down the hood, said our good byes and were off to Wind Gap Pa. to pick up an R-2 engine for another SDC member. We dropped the trialer, and Lee backed down the driveway through the "swamp" (homeowners words not ours) spent about an hour and a half loading up the engine, did I mention, it was 8:30 at night, cold, windy, and no electricity in the barn! We did this all with flashlights!

We go back to some parking lot, load up the trialer again, and head back to the freeway. It was about 9:00 and we stopped to eat dinner, finished up with dinner and wLee drove another hour or so, and we found a motel and all died for the evening!

That was our 64 ragtop adventure in a nutshell!

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